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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage is quite different from other kinds of massage. It is very gentle with moves specifically designed to assist the lymphatic system to work faster and to clear oedema. The majority of the time will be taken with very light stroking movements that stimulate the lymphatic vessels to contract and pump fluid rather than attempting to push fluid mechanically.

Non-medical oedema is associated with many problems including injuries, cancer treatments, circulation problems, hormone imbalances, stress, tired and fatigued muscles and many others. General oedema in itself can cause problems of lethargy and create mild depression. Lymphatic drainage can combat this providing a very deep relaxation as well as reducing areas of oedema.

It is not designed for those with severe medical oedema who will need more specialist treatment, although it may be used as part of their treatment in conjunction with their medical specialist.

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